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Surfaceslab, RFID worldwide innovation

Surfaceslab, RFID worldwide innovation


Surfaceslab is a worldwide innovative solution of smart surfaces which are capable of reading and identifying objects using RFID technology, ensuring high performance in duly confined spaces. This new product is launched at CeBIT, the biggest trade fair in the domain of new information technologies worldwide, to be held in Germany between 2nd and 6th March, being it the suitable space to present all potentialities of the product.

A unique aspect relates to the reliability of the obtained results with resource to a new form of use of the RFID technology, which makes the global solution much more cost competitive than the traditional RFID solutions. This is the ideal solution which opens new perspectives in stock monitoring, interaction with consumers and online reading, with evident application in bookstores, libraries, footwear shops, clothing, multimedia, amongst many other retail industries.

This product results from several years of research and development at the Instituto de Telecomunicações (Lisbon), in cooperation with Creativesystems and Vicaima. The process of world patent register is in course. The product Surfaceslab, now launched by Creativesystems and Vicaima, is the consequence of that continued effort of technology transfer between academia and industry.

These surfaces are developed and structured so as enable any object identified with an RFID tag, in the Ultra High Frequency, and placed on these surfaces to be reliably located in confined spaces. The resource to this technology of RFID reading contributes decisively to make this solution much more cost competitive, as it only needs one port reader to connect a large number of read points (for example shelves).

Surfaceslab is a solution that offers a high degree of adaptability to the different projects, being very efficient in bookstores as well as in retail, where there are products placed on shelves or other surfaces.

It is a modular option and can be customized to different projects, able to be integrated with the other systems of the shop. The complete solution includes the smart surfaces, the multiplexers that connect the different signals collected by the surfaces, the high speed read points of the RFID signals and the software which processes the collected data.

“Surfaceslab perfectly suits the innovation and development policy adopted by Vicaima, searching for new applications for its products which respond to its clients’ challenges and offering the market absolutely innovative solutions at worldwide level”, refers Arlindo da Costa Leite, President of Vicaima.

“The development of the Surfaceslab concept appears as an answer to the need found in the market to have "online" stocktaking. This technological innovation will enable the creation of the true “internet of things” where all objects communicate their location and state”, adds Francisco Teixeira e Melo, CEO of Creativesystems.